Fashion Design Services

Fashion Design Services, Pattern Making for the exceptionally talented designer in Atlanta GA, and any other state. We Bring Your Fashion Dreams to Life without the worries and delays of a language barrier making the process unnecessarily complicated.

Fashion Design Services are:

Product Development pattern making service is pattern development for clothing of all types, custom fit, special needs, plus sizes, and most adult clothing collections for men or women.

I make patterns for:

  • Jeans
  • Blouses
  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Jumpsuits otherwise known as cat suits
  • Swim wear
  • Cosplay and AntMan TV show types of costumes

The development turn around time is within the week. Usually 2 – 4 days per design pattern. I can make most of your fashion vision, as long as it’s physically possible, and we follow the rules of physics.  I prefer to work on projects that are original and not a product that is currently on the market that you would like to modify or change to fit your design ideas.  Heavy rubber or compression fabrics are not my favorite.  I can offer you consulting and refer you to someone that can do this for you, if I don’t have the machines for it.

I don’t make children’s clothes, but of-course I can.  I do everything completely by hand the old school way. No C.A.D or computer tech packs. However, all of my patterns are scannable on any digitizer machine to input into a computer program. I also can read your tech pack sheets, and I welcome you to bring them in.

Men’s wear and women’s wear are the busiest. Recently plus sizes, T-shirts, swim suits and hand bags have become very in demand. I can work with canvas, neoprene, denim, or cotton.  I have worked with stretch fabric for over 15 years, and can show you how to develop your own swim wear collection. Watch my video on how to determine the stretch value of your fabric to manage your pattern, “Folding For Stretch” video is the first of a video series that I’ve made just for you to get an understanding of the process that I know very well.

Custom Fitting Service / Parent Block  /  Master Template Development

Custom fitting service is a process that creates a specific fitting shell for a specific body type, that becomes a master template.  Dress and pants are separate master templates that I create for you or your target market type as a one time : Phase 1 process.  As you are in the gestation period of your line, you won’t have a style developed because you haven’t sold anything yet. In such case, I will use the master template as a parent to draft the design of the specific pieces of the collection and then develop others in that category from that master.  It is the building block of your product line.  I use the parent pattern to generate styles from it.  A block pattern applies to any kind of sewn product. Doing this takes out the guesswork, we base it on something. Style development takes a lot less time.

Sample Making Service

I construct rack ready presentation samples and develop production ready patterns for your entire collection. Helping you become the fashion designer of your dreams is my main goal. I can bridge the gap between idea to reality and deliver impeccable, and accurate patterns and samples that have excellent rack appeal.
No matter what body type or market you are targeting from extra small to plus sizes for swimwear, casual or formal wear, and even stage costumes. I can develop it within the week.  I will make your presentation samples, and grade your pieces as you need them for your orders on request. The turn around time is 1 to 3 days for patterns and 2 to 4 days for samples. Most times the delivery time is shorter. They are separate contracts.

Have a look at the development process that I use from my flickrpage it is the product development process that is most accurate for me.

Here is some of the other collections I have done:

Work I have done


Making Swim Suits

I am a stretch fabric expert. I can show you how to develop your own swim wear collection. Please watch my video on how to determine the stretch value of your fabric to manage your pattern, “Making A Swim Suit with Folding For Stretch process” video is the first of a video series that I’ve made just for you to get an understanding of the process that I know very well.   This video shows how the stretch factor in fabric is computed. Developing the pattern to mind the fabric is the secret to a properly fitting spandex garment or any kind.

I can use other patterns for samples but definitely prefer not to. Launching your collection on time from Atlanta makes a powerful statement in the local industry. Made In Atlanta is the new slogan! I will not let you down. We Bring Your Fashion Dreams To Life, without the need for unnecessary travel. No more flying out of state or overseas for mini vacations and a bunch of hassles in countries that you might not speak the language in. It is impossible to do a fitting through the mail.You can review the status of your collection any time during regular hours.

Pattern Grading service is changing the size of any pattern as it is ready for production.  This is a detailed explanation which I can refer you to many resources to help you understand it.  I can grade any and all of your pieces with my sonny young speed grader machine.

Consulting Services is an expert introduction to the garment industry, where I review your collection vision and business plan and share with you my resources and people or local contract sewing production houses that are driven by the commitment to quality and attention to detail. These companies can accelerate your collection launch by many months and save you money from the first step of your fashion dream.

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